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We design network physical infrastructure and voice radio systems according to industry standards and codes to ensure the systems meet or exceed network operating performance and safety requirements and to maximize their flexibility and lifetime.  


Physical Layer Telecommunications Consulting, LLC (PLTC) provides design and construction oversight for voice and data network physical layer and radio frequency systems throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

PLTC will design your information processing, storage and network physical space and the physical distribution systems to meet your network performance and reliability requirements. 

Our designs adhere to industry codes and standards to maximize the flexibility and lifetime of the final product and provide the highest quality and lowest Total Cost of Ownership. We focus on safety, of both the installation personnel and the end users. 

We’ll manage the telecommunications part of the project; act as liaison between the construction team and the IT group; work with your overall project manager; architect; electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineers; specialty groups such as security, building management and audio/visual; the contractors and your post-commissioning maintenance personnel to ensure the infrastructure meets your needs.



We service a range of industries including… 

  • Office Buildings
  • Campuses
  • Data Centers
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Refineries
  • Chemical Plants


PLTC has a collaborative working relationship with both a top tier Engineering Firm and a Network Configuration Company. With PLTC you get a complete solution based upon your project needs and goals. 

Our Engineering Partner:
  • Experienced in remodeling
  • Green-field Construction
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Plants
  • Laboratories
  • Data Centers 
  • Other complex facilities

Our Network Configuration Partner:
  • Nationwide Offices
  • Data Center Design & Implementation Experts
  • All types of networks (Cisco, Juniper, etc.)
  • Voice over IP 
  • Other emerging technologies

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