PLTC Experience

Our Team exceeds 65 years of industry experience giving your project an outcome that will exceed expectations and goals.

Our projects range in scope and volume and our experience has covered many geographic areas from the Bay Area, throughout North America and overseas. While most designers in our field are affiliated with or employed by a contractor or manufacturer, we have no such commitments. The majority of our experience is with an enterprise end-user. Therefore, we can represent the best interests of the system owner and ensure you receive the best system available within the project limits.


·         Telecommunications systems for a new firehouse in a major Bay Area industrial facility; including voice, data (wired and wireless), audio-visual and two-way radio systems. Provided the infrastructure for the fire alarm and security systems. 

·         Remodeling of numerous offices, conference rooms and similar facilities, ranging from single rooms to the complete renovation of several entire floors.

·         Replacement of a 10-channel 800 MHz trunked radio system in a major Bay Area industrial facility.

·         Remodeling and expansion of office campus security control rooms, including the voice, data and radio systems. 

·         Expansion of a campus –based broadcast TV distribution system.

·         Numerous land mobile radio systems, including mobile, portable, fixed and repeater stations.

·         Administration of the FCC licenses and other wireless regulatory matters for a major Fortune 10 enterprise.

·         Development and publishing of the Information Technology Systems design and installation standard for a major Fortune 10 enterprise.

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