PLTC Resources


A list of codes and industry standards applicable to the physical layer portion of a voice & data network. All installations must adhere to national and local building and fire codes and should follow industry installation standards, manufacturer specifications and basic telephony principles. 

  • Conduit Size & Cable Capacity
  • Cooper Cable Characteristics in a Horizontal Application
  • Optical Fiber Transmitter Characteristics
  • Optical Fiber Cable Characteristics
  • General Physical Interface Naming Convention
  • Gigabit Ethernet Operating Ranges
  • Typical Telecommunications Room Layout 
  • Industry Codes & Standards Organizations' Websites
  • Government Sites

A list of acronyms, units of measurement, definitions and cable markings often used in documents related to the physical layer portion of a voice and data network. Additional telecommunications terms are available in the ATIS Telecom Glossary 2000. Individual industry standards and codes also have definitions and acronyms.

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