PLTC Services

Below is a listing of what PLTC typically provides, however, we specialize in tailoring our services to the specific needs of each of our individual clients and projects.


Design the facility space for your network, wireless, server, and storage equipment.

Design the distribution pathways and mediums to transport your information technology and telecommunications voice, data, and video to meet your business needs.

Write the Scope of Work for the network physical layer portion of the RFP.

Manage the telecommunications part of the project 

  • Act as a liaison between the building management and IT group
  • Act as a liaison between the construction team and the IT group
  • Work with the project manager, architect, and electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineers.
  • Work with the specialty groups such as building security and audio visual
  • Work with the installation contractors and
  • Work with post-commissioning maintenance personnel. 

Oversee construction, testing and commissioning of the network.



Electrical power (AC, DC, Uninterruptible, Back-up)

Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC).

Grounding, Bonding and Lightning Protection systems.


Safety systems (cabling protectors, fire protection, flood detection, seismic concerns, etc.)

The space itself: size, floor, ceiling, doors, walls.

Equipment mounting structures: racks and cabinets, cable trays and other pathways, etc.

  • Structured cabling system.
  • Fiber optical cable
  • Copper cable.
  • Inside Plant
  • Outside Plant 

Wireless systems (voice and data)

Administration and documentation, including labeling, drawings and other documents as needed.

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